Y un día...empezó con las Galletas
I have worked for many years in the world of communication within the film industry; they call me Laura, the one who communicates (also on the phone). That’s how I met Margot, in an animation festival that never ceased to amaze me with all its colours, the techniques, and the fascinating and magical stories.

She was responsible for the production and I liked the applications she did in all merchandising products (also known as margotadas) that crossed her way and the way she enjoyed the world of design and illustration.

And one day... she started working with cookies, the speaking ones, and that's when I saw that we had to work together, she by producing design cookies and I which I turning them into possible communicating material, there was no choice.
I love the world of communication, the way we understand each other, or not.

Getting to enhance all the senses, sight, hearing, smell, taste, and use them in storytelling. And in short... making people feel happy for a moment... or rather twice or thrice.

Margot & Laura
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